TouchBanking FAQs


What is TouchBanking?

TouchBanking is a mobile banking and payments application you can use to access your account information quickly and easily from your iPhone or Android. Depending on the services your financial institution offers, you can use TouchBanking to:

How do I download and activate TouchBanking on my smartphone

If your financial institution is using TouchBanking for their mobile banking solution, you can download the app directly from the App Store or Google Play. You must be registered for your financial institution's online banking site as you will need your already established online banking user name and password to log into TouchBanking once downloaded. You will also need your financial institution's App Code to activate the app on your device. You can find the App Code in the mobile banking section of your financial institution's online banking site.

Is TouchBanking Secure

To ensure the safety and privacy of your account information, we incorporate multiple security features in TouchBanking:

Can I use TouchBanking on my tablet?

TouchBanking is currently available for smartphones only.

Can I use TouchBanking on an older model iPhone?

If you have an iPhone model 2G or 3G, you will not be able to update to this latest version. If your financial institution supports it, however, you may be able to still use all the latest features by registering for the mobile browser channel through your financial institution’s online banking site.

Why is the application asking permission to access some of my phone’s functions?

In order to enable some of features available through TouchBanking, the application may need to access the following on your mobile device:

Some of these features may not be enabled for you right now, but may be added by your financial institution in the future.

Who is Fiserv?

Fiserv is the company that powers online banking and bill pay for thousands of institutions and consumers nationwide. You may not recognize the Fiserv name, but if you use online banking and bill pay, chances are you already use a service that comes from Fiserv.